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Gallery: Seven women free expression champions

Last year for the International Day to End Impunity, IFEX profiled 23 individuals who had been threatened, attacked or worse for expressing themselves. In all cases, the perpetrators remain free. We asked some of the women profiled about the challenges they face, advice for other women in their fields, and the kind of world they envisage on this year’s International Women’s Day

IFEX – 7 March 2013

Nguyen Hoang Vi, blogger, Vietnam
Nguyen Hoang Vi, blogger, Vietnam

Nguyen Hoang Vi: Nguyen has spent much of her early 20s under surveillance by security agents for blogging critically about the government. Shortly after we profiled her, she was detained near the courthouse where she was hoping to attend the appeal of three bloggers jailed on anti-state propaganda charges. While in custody, she was sexually assaulted by police and state nurses.

Speaking of her ordeal, Nguyen said, “We can’t allow fear to paralyse us. We must find it deep within our hearts to forgive all that they’re doing to us and to our bodies. Forgiveness is not the same as acceptance. We must let them know that what we are doing is not based on personal hatred of our perpetrators; it is to protect our universal rights, which belong to them as well as us.” Continue reading


14 November 2012 – IFEX launches online game for Day to End Impunity campaign

Each day from 1 to 23 November, we will reveal an individual who has been threatened, attacked or worse for expressing themselves. In all of the cases, the perpetrators have gone free. Read their stories. Take action. Help end impunity.

Nguyen Hoang Vi (Blogger, Vietnam)

While 25-year-old Nguyen Hoang Vi (pen name An Do Nguyen) was at a birthday party in Ho Chi Minh this summer for her fellow bloggers, a group of 20 suspected state agents dropped in and started snapping pictures and listening in on conversations. The bloggers remained calm – state agents monitoring their activities was a normal affair.  Continue reading

IFEX – Ngày Quốc Tế chấm dứt tình trạng tội ác không bị trừng phạt – INTERNATIONAL DAY TO END IMPUNITY

Mỗi ngày, từ ngày 01-23 tháng 11, chúng tôi sẽ tiết lộ một cá nhân đã bị đe dọa, tấn công hoặc tệ hơn nữa vì đã bày tỏ chính kiến. Trong tất cả các trường hợp, thủ phạm vẫn được tự do. Hãy đọc câu chuyện của họ. Hãy hành động. Trợ giúp để chấm dứt tình trạng những hành vi tội ác đã không bị trừng phạt. 

Với mạng lưới bao gồm 90 thành viên hội đoàn độc lập khắp thế giới, IFEX (International Freedom of Expression Exchange network) đã tiến hành cuộc vận động “Ngày Quốc Tế chấm dứt tình trạng tội ác không bị trừng phạt”. Người Việt Nam được đề cập đến trong chiến dịch này là blogger Nguyễn Hoàng ViContinue reading